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Benefits of Choosing Owner Builder Network

Posted on: February 10th, 2016 by admin

We are always ready to assist you in all aspects of your building process! Let us help you build the home that you want, the way you want. We have a talented team that will help you design your custom dream home with cost in mind. You will have a solid understanding of the cost of your home before going to final plans. This ensures that you will not design a home you cannot afford! Not only will you be able to design your home the way you want, but you also decide who you want to hire from a subcontractor standpoint on the different parts of the project. Most builders do not bid jobs out to make sure they are getting the best pricing. A recent conversation with a client proves this. He said his first framing labor quote was $12,000 more than the framer he ended up going with to frame his home. Had he not gotten three quotes and stopped at the first one, he would have spent an unnecessary 12k on his project!

Here are some other benefits of working with OBN:

  • The interest on your construction is a loan is a tax write off.
  • You are in control of everything, especially the money. You write the checks.
  • Owner Builder Network is a one-stop shop! We help you from the design process, along with budgeting with your specifications in mind, availability of construction to permanent financing, affordable and reliable subcontractors, discount suppliers, and finally to moving in.

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