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Why You Should Do It Yourself

Posted on: August 7th, 2015 by admin
Often times when someone is considering building their own home and maybe checking out every option including visiting with a traditional builder, the builder will tell them, “Oh goodness, why would you want to do it yourself? I can build for that same price and do all the work for you!” The reason why this is a bad idea is because there is no way that a builder is going to do all of the management of your project at a cheaper fee than you can Be Your Own Builder with Owner Builder Network. When you work with us at Owner Builder Network, you are in complete control of your project, and we have a low, one-time, flat fee. This means that there will never be any upgrade charges and there are no change order fees. You carry the checkbook and you are simply paying our low one-time flat fee plus materials you choose and labor to install the materials. You can even provide some of the labor yourself if you have those skills!
There are three reasons that people use our services: savings, control and quality. Set up a free appointment to meet with an Owner Builder Network® team member. We will help you to understand how our program can help you to $Save Thousands$ building your very own custom home. We can also help with plans and financing.
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